1 June 2009
Bert Tadei Crews Mess
John Yeiser on Under Ice Sonar
PO Hudgins in Attack Center
PO Gulea Rigged for Red before Surfacing
Rider from Swordfish Standing Sonar Watch
COB James "Dusty" Rhodes
Need Help with a Name
LCDR Patton and Mr Thomas ? in Background
Captain Jacobs Collecting Ice
Capt Jacobs and the 3 under ice sonar operators
Jack Gustafson, Captain, John Yeiser
Mike Bogatay Kneeling
Pulling in to Almeda Naval Air Station
San Francisco Bay
Tied up in Alameda
LCDR Patton
Need Help with a Name
LT Horn Maker of the Icex Video
Need Help with a Name
Need Help with a Name
Return to Pearl from 71-72 West Pac
Senior Chief (then) Kuhn
STSC Wayne (Tiny) Wright and STS2 Rock Barnard
Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor